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The Wednesday Whisper 


It’s in the Juice 

Juicing has become a health ‘thing’. The point of juicing is to squeeze the fruit to extract what’s inside, to get a nutritious drink.

We can apply this metaphor to how we are in the world. When we are at peace, in a calm state all seems well.

But when we are squeezed and under pressure what comes out of us shows everyone what we are really made of.

I mean this in the context of everyday life at work, in the family and with friends (not when under brutal attack such as war or systemic oppression).

In everyday life we choose what comes out of us.

Choose wisely.


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 

The DRM shows us how to embody love for self, others and community so that we can show mercy, love and compassion when squeezed.


The Wednesday Whisper

What comes out of you when squeezed? What would you like to come out of you?


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