From L to R David and Maria with Katrina, Ruth, Lorraine, Celia, Minna, Mariam, Sinead, Gio, Jess and Cornelia. Taking the picture is Louisa who doesn’t get to be in the photo because she takes the best pics.


This week

DRM 2020 begins


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 


The Wednesday Whisper



A new group for 2020

Here we are, starting 2020 with the new DRM group.

I love the sense of connection and depth that we are creating. I love noticing how the DRM and NVC can help us to experience our common humanity and go beyond the stories. And, I love the wondering of how things will unfold.


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness

This week is a time of holding the space in a few different settings. And I’m connected to how holding the space for other

s, requires me to hold an inner space for myself to provide nourishment and self-love.


The Wednesday Whisper

Are you holding a space for yourself?


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