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Slightly different blog this week

Lance Nielsen is a friend of around 30 years. He is a very talented writer and director. His work focuses on topics set in social and political arenas. He frequently explores themes of grief, loss, love and friendship. 

His latest work False Accounts is about the recent Post Office scandal described as the greatest miscarriage of justice in the history of Britain, the Post Office blamed and prosecuted Postmasters for accounting failures that were actually the fault of a new software called Horizon. Even when they found out that there was an internal problem, the Post Office still let innocent people go to prison.

When Lance takes on a subject, he is always sensitive to the victims and works hard to give them a voice.

The picture of Lance on the left is him with 3 of the Postmasters.

The play is on in London at the Questor’s Theatre in Ealing from 1st to 5th November

Book Here

‘We sat there, completely engaged! A very powerful play!’ Former Subpostmaster Wendy Buffrey 

‘Excellent acting, heartbreaking in places, funny in others – they did us proud!’ Former Subpostmaster Tracy Felstead 


If it is at all possible for you to go, I recommend supporting it.


Maria’s Mindfulness Moment

Though what we do seems completely different, the similarity I see in Lance’s work to mine is empathy. And, empathy is in short supply in the harsh mainstream world we live in.


The Wednesday Whisper

When have you needed empathy? Did you get it?



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