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The difference between toxic and healthy

Toxic guilt is huge burden. It can control our lives. Healthy Guilt is a wonderful teacher.

So, what’s the difference?

We feel healthy guilt when we have acted outside of our values and become motivated to act differently in the future. Healthy guilt guides you to work within a set of boundaries that work for yourself and those around you.

Toxic guilt comes in many shapes and sizes:

  • Taking responsibility for how other’s feel
  • Allowing your self to be manipulated by guilt trips
  • Repeatedly punishing yourself for the past
  • Believing you have no right to self-care

What all versions have in common is the repeated self punishment which means we have less and less to give to others as we become consumed. This reduces our ability to connect and isolates us further. It’s important to rid ourselves of toxic guilt.


Maria’s Mindfulness Moment

If guilt consumes you, it will make all your decisions for you. Freeing ourselves from guilt requires us to take it out of the shadows, facing it and then sending it on its way.


The Wednesday Whisper

Are you riddled with guilt? Do you lay guilt on others? Do you want to heal?


In 2023

As you probably know, for the last 4 years I have run a one year Dialogue Road Map Training for a select group of people.
This is a rare opportunity to learn how to facilitate, mediate and run restorative circles both as a professional practitioner and for personal development.
For 2023, I am looking for a small group again, apply here
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