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The Wednesday Whisper


No feeling is final

Over the course of a lifetime we feel a whole spectrum of emotions. From connection, aliveness and joy to misery, sadness and grief. Very often Happiness or Anger acts as a cloak over our deeper feelings. And while we strive for happiness, the truth is that it is almost impossible to continuously in a state of happiness without ever experiencing fear, pain or discomfort. Why then do we chase happiness and avoid our suffering?

Once we come to understand that no feeling is final we can learn to process our suffering as a temporary state and realise that becoming skilled at processing our pain brings more aliveness and connection. And then we can become masters of our feelings instead of servants to our pain.

Maria’s Mindfulness Moment

Sometime ago I imprinted a picture on my mind. It was a beautiful setting by the sea in a moment when I was feeling at peace with the world. I use that picture to transport myself out of body when I know the discomfort is temporary and I have no control over it. This way I can watch the scenery and wait for it to pass. But when the pain in me is made worse by what I tell myself, I use the DRM to understand what sustainable change I can bring about.

The Wednesday Whisper

How many feelings have you travelled through in your lifetime? What would you like to change?





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