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The Wednesday Whisper


Joy or sorrow?

For those of us lucky enough to have a choice and brave enough to take the plunge, work does not need to be toil. In fact once work becomes a battle or a struggle it is toxic and will have consequences on our well being. It is no longer work. It is destruction. For work to be work, it needs to be constructive and productive. It feeds the soul.

We live in a world where modern day slavery is a problem. And this problem extends way beyond the mainstream definition. Whenever we are labouring beyond our capacity and tolerances, we are in self imposed slavery. Telling ourselves that we are conscientious, dedicated or superhuman as an excuse for workaholism is a cover up for the inability to be kind to ourselves. Other people telling you that you conscientious, dedicated or superhuman which is intended to get us to work longer and harder is manipulation.

Finding our balance, tolerance, capacity and sensitivity and being true to it is the path to expansion and growth.


Maria’s Mindfulness Moment

Last weekend I met a man who has been a homesteader for over 40 years. He and his wife work the land built their home, eat from their garden and invite community through spiritual events. This blog was inspired by his words.

‘Work is Love Made Visible’

These words are an anchor for what work truly is and a reminder of the twisted version we have created in our world.


The Wednesday Whisper

How is your relationship to your work?





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