Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness Moments

Acknowledgements – Going The Extra Mile.

A good friend, and someone I have worked with in the past, said this to me recently “I can bank on you. You always do what you say you will and you usually go the extra mile.” I was swiftly onto the next subject, allowing the comment pass with a brief, thank you and an appreciative nod.

Later, when I’d had time to process my day, the comment permeated its way back to me. Despite knowing that I’m a hard-working and conscientious woman. It was a pleasure to hear the feedback. It made me happy.

After I had absorbed the exchange I found that her words actually meant a lot more to me. What struck me was, in this particular situation, I hadn’t gone the extra mile for myself. I didn’t stop to reflect upon how supportive and respectful my friends comments were. The value that she placed upon me was touching and welcome.

These occasions are precious. They are reflective impressions, verbal affirmations of the effort that we make behind the scenes of our lives.  The next time I receive a compliment I will afford myself the space  to receive it and I will allow myself a little time to shine.

With love, light and gratitude. Maria Arpa -x-

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