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Gratitude can be hard nut to crack. It’s one of those things that you don’t get until you get it. It requires us to find the joy in being alive whatever the circumstances. Once you get it, it’s hard not be grateful. To use a popular term, I found a ‘hack’ that really helps us understand gratitude and changes the energy around any situation.

Turn your ‘sorry’ into an expression of gratitude.

Instead of “I’m sorry I’m being so slow” say “I’m grateful for your patience”.

Instead of “I’m sorry I seem to be in your way” say “I’m grateful for your gracefulness”.

Instead of “I’m sorry for being a pain” say “I’m grateful for how you accept me”.

When you can see the world through this lens, you understand how much joy there is even among the tensions.


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 

The DRM teaches us that an apology is not always what is needed. In fact, an apology can be an act of conflict avoidance. Saying sorry is often meaningless and certainly not transformational, especially when sorry was elicited from our own shame or the other person’s demand.


The Wednesday Whisper

Do you apologise for yourself? Are you vulnerable to your own shame? How can you release yourself?


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