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Building Active Community

Now that we have taken psychotherapy and coaching into the minutiae of how I feel, how I am today, what my gut tells me and my own self importance, we are becoming more and more intelligent about ourselves and more and more disconnected from community.

A good therapeutic dialogue to find meaning is not the end goal. A good therapeutic dialogue is a path to find the meaning that leads us into the service we want to give to the whole.

It’s no longer sufficient to ask what I can do about the world except work on myself. This is disastrous for democracy. Democracy relies on active citizens. It is disastrous for the planet. The planet relies on active stewards.

The world of therapy and coaching needs to wake up to radical, holistic practice that rocks the boat, speaks truth to power and commits us to doing better as humans. It requires us all to take collaborative risks beyond compliance.

Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 

The DRM teaches us that enlightened self interest is about healthy interdependence where we recognise ourselves within a context and learn how to find balance in order to act in accordance with natural law, harmony and nonviolence.

The Wednesday Whisper

How compliant have you become? What risks are you willing to take? How do you measure your impact on self, other and system?

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