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The ups and downs of parenting

As I write this week’s blog, it’s Tuesday and I was pondering the topic. Full of celebration from two weeks at Dartmoor, I was processing the learning to find a nugget for this week. I was walking along the road on my way to a training, playing with my thoughts, when a mother walked past me with 2 primary school age children. As she walked past I heard her saying to her children, “You kids ruin my life”.

Before I could process the impact of hearing this and the effect it had on my own inner child, they were too far down the road to say something without seeming weird. (or so I told myself) so I walked on.

This is what I would have loved to say to her…

Hearing you tell your children they ruin your life, I tell myself that you’re finding parenting stressful. I wonder what level of support you would need to be able to appreciate the gift of young explorers, scientists, artists blessing your life? I wonder how you could express your frustration in ways that leave your children feeling whole? I have no doubt that you love your children and want the best for them, and I have no doubt they say and do things that disrupt the day, and probably at the moments when you most need their cooperation. And, I know I have no right to say what I’m saying, and I fully accept you might find my intervention shocking. If you want me to go away, I will leave immediately. If something in what I say resonates, please get in touch for a chat with absolutely no strings


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 

The DRM teaches that when the children are getting on our nerves, it’s important not to blame them but to consider how we need to be nourished in order to create loving conditions for them to flourish and grow into beings of love.


The Wednesday Whisper

Are there any children in your life, including your own inner child who could do with some love, care and kindness?



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