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When the ego attempts to dominate

If we consider the ego to be a representative of the outside world to the soul, it follows that the state of our ego will determine what messages it sends to the soul. When we are operating in balance and with an open heart, the ego will allow the soul to assess the world from the lens of love, and the ego will bask in the reflected light with no desire to control, defend or manipulate.

When the ego takes a hit that triggers an unhealed wound such as rejection or abandonment, it will block the soul by clouding the situation with narratives rooted in fear and defence, and it will try to take control. In taking control, the ego will rewrite history and control other lived experiences by making its story the dominant narrative. This may bring about attempts to humiliate, shame, demean or embarrass others and usually includes weaponising knowledge and information that was shared in intimacy.  

Where the unhealed wounds date back to early childhood the ego may have no experience of stepping back and allowing the soul to connect, and therefore the ego runs the show. This is easy for others to see. More confusing is when an ego can allow the soul to connect and communicate but controls and limits access. This will be much more difficult to identify and why we sometimes fall in love with a person’s potential… because those glimpses are so full of light, we imagine we can support someone to grow and develop.

Until the ego can question itself and connect to the self-harm of starving the soul, no amount of reassurance, appeasing or self sacrifice will ever bring the changes we hope for.


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 

The DRM teaches us that if there is any hope for to support someone to heal, and allow the soul full access, it can only happen within a safe and boundaried space where the Facilitator is able to contain the egos attempts to dominate.


The Wednesday Whisper

Is your soul free? Where is your ego?


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