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The AI Imposters

As we are seduced into using AI apps that can ‘write your content’ and ‘predict your health’ are we sleepwalking our way into an impersonation of life? Will this impersonation trick you into believing that you will find ease and comfort in conformity? And will this impersonation of life become your reality until you forget what real life is?

I tell myself that, in parallel, incrementally and without noticing, a generation with no memory or lived experience of authenticity will disconnect from nature completely. Using a device to give us ‘knowledge’ will separate us from our body and kill off the energetic sensitivity we already have built-in that allows us to love ourselves and each other.

Now I’m not saying that some advanced tech isn’t beneficial. The question is about discernment. What is good and practical? and what is removing us from our core humanity? Knowledge without wisdom is an unsafe guide.


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 

When I connect to my core, I find the Dialogue Road Map gives me a language to communicate with myself through love and compassion and that opens up my ability to use powers of discernment from the heart.


The Wednesday Whisper

How connected are you to your authentic core? To what extent are you relying on external devices to interfere with your discernment.

And are you impersonating life?



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