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Colour is a blessing

A while ago, I sat in a café, early for a meeting and watched as a hundreds of commuters exited the London Underground near London Bridge in what looked like a grey river. Not one person was wearing a colourful scarf or hat or coat. ‘Where has all the colour gone?’ I thought to myself. It stuck with me. It reminded me of prison.

Colour can influence emotional responses. Our response to colour is affected by factors such as age and cultural background. This means that we express ourselves through colour. Colour represents emotions.

Can there be beauty without colour?

Beauty is an important human need.

Colour is nature smiling at us.


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 

In prisons, colour is removed. The surroundings are unforgiving. Removing beauty is a punishment. The Dialogue Road Map provides colour for life through the connection to a spectrum of emotions that help us see the beauty in ourselves and others.


The Wednesday Whisper

Is there colour in your life? Where do you find beauty and how do you give beauty?



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