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Life is a bitch



Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 



The Wednesday Whisper


Until you learn it’s a blessing.

Life will send you all sorts of unpleasant gifts. It will push you until you fall time and time again. It will break you down, confront you with enemies, take everything away and laugh at you. Life will be relentless, over and over again, until you crack and let the light in.

Once that crack of light comes in you have choices.

You have the choice to block out the light in favour of false positive psychology, pursuit of ego, hedonism, fake busy-ness or permanent victimhood. Alternatively, you have the choice to widen the crack and attend to the wounds that need healing.

In the former, the world will repeat and repeat over and over again until you surrender. In the latter, your true journey to love begins.

And everyday we have that choice.

And even when we are on the path, the opportunity and temptation to slip back will get to us from time to time.

In the worst case scenario, a person only surrenders at the point of death.

That’s life. Your choice.


Maria’s Mindfulness Moment

The only two energies that we can choose from are trust and fear. Trust is the path to love. Healing is the path to trust. Fear is an alarm bell that gives us the choice to find the path of love.


The Wednesday Whisper

How are your fears shaping your world? How is your journey to healing then trust then love going?


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