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Toxic Society

We often look at situations and declare them to be toxic. Toxic relationships, toxic families, toxic workplaces, toxic institutions etc. But how do we decide what is toxic and how do we measure it? And how come, even when we know things are toxic, they do not change instantly? How come we have not rid ourselves of the poisons that make things toxic?

In the western mainstream individualist, consumerist society it seems that the system is toxic and anything more than is needed in the present moment becomes poisonous. Therefore, because we are all engaged in having more than is necessary (just look at that drawer full of discarded cosmetics, stationery, underwear, and ‘stuff’) we are all contributing to and addicted to maintaining the toxic system.

The Pirahã tribe in the Amazon is an example of no excess. They do not store food, they do not count, they only build temporary houses, they don’t tell anyone what to do. They live in the present with no excess. They can walk into the jungle naked with no tools or weapons and return after 3 days with baskets full of food. They can ensure their continued survival in the jungle without storage.

In the emotional realm, excess power, ego, anxiety, shame, guilt and anger become poisonous and create toxic environments especially when left unregulated by the self.

To create social transformation will take a good, hard long look at the things we call necessities and determine which of those things are really cushions to protect us from fear of not having enough.

When we have more things than is needed, we can afford ourselves the license to deregulate our emotions. If we are living in the present, we do not have the luxury of unnecessary drama.


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 

The DRM helps us to identify what is excess, by seeing a greater whole and connecting to a divine energy, we are able to reduce fear and increase trust. Trust is the key to love and love is the key to living in harmony.


The Wednesday Whisper

Where is the excess in your life? What could be regulated?


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