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One of many tasks

Mediators take on many tasks in a case. One of those tasks is to compassionately bring participants to the point of negotiation. That can be a long road and requires skill, patience and real love for people in order to build the trust and safety needed for participants to turn towards each other with the belief that they can find a meeting point.

A couple of weeks ago I was working with a group. They have gotten to know my style and have accepted my, sometimes, acerbic humour.

I heard myself saying, ‘This is a great meeting. You’ve sent your Inner Children to day care, now we can get on’

So often, the space is dominated by the Inner Child parading around in an adult body.

And that’s one of the roles of a mediator, helping participants wave their inner child off to day care without any sense of rejection, abandonment, punishment or withdrawal of love.


Maria’s Mindfulness Moment

The Inner Child cannot handle the responsibilities of an adult. A 2 year old tantrum in a 50 year old body can have potentially fatal consequences.


The Wednesday Whisper

How’s your inner child doing today?


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