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Disappointment and Betrayal

These last few blogs have been about looking inside and today, I’m turning up the volume. If you regularly find yourself sitting in disappointment and betrayal then I challenge you to take a different view. To feel betrayal and disappointment means that I must have set something up with expectations of an outcome. So when things didn’t pan out as I wanted, I told myself that the trust I invested was abused.

This goes for the macro, an airline cancelling my flight, or the micro, a friend not delivering on a promise.

Now here’s the thing…there is no certainty of anything while we are alive. Will the trains run? Will my spouse remember to bring home the groceries? Will the government honour its promises? Will my children tell me the truth?

Some things we take for granted – the sun rising every day – some things we are grateful for – safe and healthy children – and some things we need to build agreements for – organising an event or getting the house renovated.

When it goes differently to the plan, our reaction is proportionate to our ability to love and trust our self. Of course, it is perfectly natural to feel sadness, hurt and loss but I propose that betrayal and disappointment are constructed feelings that bind us to a narrative that holds us in a position.

Once betrayal and disappointment spill over into blame, revenge and victimhood you are in toxic territory and squandering the energy of life by depriving yourself of opportunity.

If betrayal and disappointment can be used as an alarm bell for a gateway to growth then it is serving its purpose.


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 

The DRM helps us truly hear the narratives we use to maintain our position. Narratives are doorways into freedom rather than pillars that fix our beliefs.


The Wednesday Whisper

Are you wedded to a narrative? Do you repeat the same stories to anyone who will listen? Through your narrative do you hope to grow, or gain recruits?



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