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What our conscience can tell us



Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 



The Wednesday Whisper 


Overcoming deception, coercion and indifference

Having a conscience is fundamental to being human. How we use our conscience is critical to how we experience the world. 

Our conscience is a barometer that helps us identify whether our thoughts and actions are in alignment with how we want to operate in our world.

If we only use our conscience after we have acted and, we acted on our triggers with no prior reflection, then expect to lead a pretty miserable life feeling wretched after the things you do that you regret.

When we employ our conscience before we act,  we give ourselves the chance to have mercy and compassion as well as injecting some balance into our choices.


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 

When I truly reflect on the function of the conscience,  I experience it as an opportunity to choose to walk towards God’s light, instead of being coerced into going against my heart, God connection or choosing indifference or deception.


The Wednesday Whisper

How active is your conscience? When did you last actively use your conscience as your guide.



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