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Almost everything has a funny side

One of the best things about getting older has been my ability to let go and laugh at life. 

In the end we cannot control what anyone does. We can ask, try to influence and make attempts at persuasion but it’s important not to get into struggle. 

It’s also very important to know when to walk away.

Walking away does not come with defiance, resentment or bad feeling.

It is the ability to love oneself so much that you can laugh out loud at the petty unnecessary human suffering that people put themselves through in order to win, teach someone a lesson or get their way.

It is the ability to remember that our only role in the world is to be love. Any actions we take that come out of anything other than true self love (not selfish love) are infected with toxicity.

It is the ability to know what to engage in and what to walk away from.

To do this we set boundaries that we know will continue to hold us in love. We accept our limitations and commit to growth only operating in the best space we can manage right now and remaining mindful of the injury, loss or harm that actions outside of love will cause.

To be without humour in the face of struggle is to reduce our aliveness. 


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 

The DRM teaches us that we can only be part of reducing unnecessary suffering if there is an invitation to be of service.

Attempting to intervene without an invitation is forcing an education on people who didn’t ask for it.

When I see people creating unnecessary petty struggles through ignorance I can find the place to both laugh and cry in my humanity whilst remaining in the boundaries that keep in love.


The Wednesday Whisper

What petty struggle in your realm could bring laughter?

What is so sombre and restrictive that cannot have the light of laughter shed on it?


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