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Learning self love

If we understand that each of us is simply a moving part within a living, breathing eco-system called the planet earth that maybe part of a bigger, infinite eco-system, then the healthy functioning of every moving part is vital to the whole. Healthy functioning necessitates self-love as an act of collaboration rather than an act of separation and defiance. This is the main differentiator between self-love and selfish love.

Self-love requires us to become mindful of body, heart and soul by taking responsibility for everything we say and everything we do, knowing when to reach out for help and support and knowing when to offer help and support. Most of what we need to enact self-love is not taught to us so by the time we come to the realisation, we have a harder task of unlearning our bad habits, in order to clean the way for a new loving way of life.

Treating our body with love is one way of demonstrating gratitude for the amazing vehicle the soul can reside in for our lifetime. Another way is learning a loving use of language to transform the way we self-talk and how we treat ourselves. ‘Me time’ is another way of enacting self-love as is freely gifting time to others.

And, in a world where there are people who have not yet found the realisation of self-love as a way of life, it is important to set boundaries and make them known with kindness and compassion. In this way we can be guardians of our experiences, mindful of our limits and within our tolerances in order to maintain the place of self-love so that we don’t squander our resources and can give generously without depleting ourselves.


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 

The DRM teaches us that self-love is a learned skill and a life-long practice that we can evolve into a way of life.


The Wednesday Whisper

How do you rate your capacity for self-love? What 3 acts of self-love could you exercise today?


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