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The Power of Prayer 


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness


The Wednesday Whisper


Spiritual Transport

Recently many of my prayers have been answered. That doesn’t mean that I got everything I wanted. It means that my personal conversations with the beloved divine energy some call God are guiding my choices resulting in better outcomes and more joyful connections.

Praying, for me, is not a mental exercise or vocal repetition. Prayer is transport to connection with the highest divine power, where we transcend the mundane and the day to day and devote our attention to the beauty of life. It is not a divine vending machine. Prayer connects me to an abundance of love which in turn connects me to the fruits I seek to meet my purpose.

And like anything, prayer requires practice. We find our way to this place by contemplation and practice.

It’s taken me the best part of 60 years, and what organized religion taught me was actually a hindrance, and it is the most freeing and abundant love of the whole, I have ever experienced.


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness

On Saturday I arrived in a place of exceptional peace and beauty, close to nature and about to embark on my most ambitious Dialogue Road Map sharing so far. My prayers are manifesting.


The Wednesday Whisper

Do you pray? Do your prayers transport you? Would you like to practice prayer more?


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