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Government withdraws ad

The UK Government put out an ad for Covid Restrictions and hastily withdrew it after it received a battering on Social Media.

Showing women doing domestic chores and a man on a sofa with his feet on the ground while his female partner falls into his masculine arms is dreadful for all of us, men included.

The prime minister’s office said: “It does not reflect our view on women and we have removed it.”

Removing the ad is not good enough. The government has a responsibility to transparently engage with how this began, how it was signed off followed by an invitation to dialogue about the roots of an attitude that means it was even a ‘thing’ in the first place.

The idea that withdrawing the ad makes it all go away is a big problem. Of course, no doubt, behind the scenes, punishment was handed out but that still doesn’t address the issue of attitudes, positions and beliefs in relation to discrimination. Don’t get me wrong, I am not offended. It’s worse than that. I have a real need for trust and my trust in this government has been eroded by its paper thin attempts to reassure us it is in harmony with values of equality and respect that are supposed to be foundations in our society. Yet, all over society I can see examples of actions being at odds with the message.

In a world where, disproportionately, women are being forced to quit their jobs because bosses are refusing to furlough women who have children at home because of school closures, the consequences of reinforcing the image of the stay at home Mum is unthinkable. It’s really hard not to imagine there is a plan.

I have now lost even more trust in this government, I’m guessing I’m not the only one.


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness

Once a upon a time when I was a new mum, wheeling a baby in a pram, I felt shock at how I was treated and spoken to (like I had learning difficulties), having been used to wearing business attire and treated a little more seriously. That was 30 years ago. This new ad induces me to imagine a small group of men in government whispering in corners, wishing they could create Stepford Wives so we wouldn’t get in the way of their important man business.

The Wednesday Whisper

Have you ever felt discrimination towards you for any reason? How did it affect you? How did you heal?


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