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What are we telling children…..


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…and what do they hear?

How do we explain social distancing and mask wearing to little ones who are not yet able to articulate how they are experiencing their world? Is a generation of pre-school children growing up with an accentuated sense of danger and fear of being around people?

In one heartbreaking decision, three year olds returning to school in France were being kept away from each other in the playground using areas marked out in chalk where each child was expected to sit in their own square away from other children.

While lock down not ideal for anyone, those old enough to have a memory of another way of being in the world, can hold this reality in some sort of context. For children growing up with lock down as their first reality, I predict there will be societal consequences for those who are especially vulnerable, living in challenging home environments, lacking social support and facing poverty.

If there was ever a time to really take our parenting and grandparenting seriously, it’s right now.


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness

I’m considering my role as a grandmother and elder and how to support young ones in their development and self empowerment.


The Wednesday Whisper

What could we all be doing to take care of this next generation?


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