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This week

And now for something completely different


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 


Go on, make me laugh.

This week I’m thinking distraction, laughter and amusement as a powerful antidote.

Whether you’ve been grounded or you’re working hard on the frontline protecting the rest of us, a moment of hilarity will raise your spirits even just for a few seconds.

I’m looking for the funniest, wittiest most absurd replies to this week’s blog.

Complete the sentence, “The longer this pandemic goes on….”

Go on, post a response or send me a reply.

Who’s game?

Here’s mine, ‘The longer this pandemic goes on, the less motiva……zzzzzz”


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness

I’ve been snatching moments on You Tube and slowly developing screen addiction. Choosing comedians and watching their sets. Enjoying Stewart Lee right now. It’s great medicine for a time of coming to terms with change.


The Wednesday Whisper

How are you coming to terms with change?

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