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2021 – an exercise in trust and faith

In December I wrote about adaptability but what happens when even the most resilient of us become tired of adapting? The next level is spiritual surrender. Spiritual surrender is a letting go of internal struggle in the belief that there is a bigger picture and a blessed divine energy that is guiding the whole, of which we are a small part. It requires trust and faith because it takes us out of our usual limitations, expanding beyond our conditioned thinking. Surrender is letting go of that which does not serve us. Usually when we don’t understand what is happening, can’t adapt to ever changing circumstances and things don’t make sense we try to find comfort in stories. When these stories put us into struggle we are sidestepping the joy of liberation.

Spiritual surrender is not to be confused with submission. It is not giving up or being controlled. Surrender is life serving. In surrender, I still have the freedom to choose and to act. In fact, I put forward my best endeavour and then I surrender to whatever will be.

Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness

Since the New Year, I have struggled with three situations in which I wanted to exercise my will. Reasonably early on I recognised the tension of struggle in me and remembered to surrender. Each of those situations is unfolding and I am exercising choice without any struggle. I have let go of that which doesn’t serve me. I am liberated.

The Wednesday Whisper

Is there any situation in your life right now which would benefit from surrender?

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