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DRM in HMP Portland

It is with great joy I can announce that we are in the process of bringing DRM to Portland prison.

We are currently training a cohort of men to become DRM Facilitators and we couldn’t be more delighted. I am writing this after their first full week of training. There are 14 days of initial training and then we support the team with wellbeing session, continuous professional development, casework supervision and inner healing. Already the trainees are motivated to get started and realise change for those who struggle. They should be ready to begin casework sometime over the summer.

This is a completely new initiative in the prison and the Number One Governor has given his full support.

Our Facilitators work in pairs and provide support to prisoners who are struggling. They provide confidential one to one sessions, conflict mediation, group dialogue and, later on, when they have more experience they will be trained to deliver an intensive, transformational process to individuals who are completely stuck.


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 

When applied in prison, the DRM has transformed and rehabilitated participants to change direction, re-evaluate their lives and connect with the parts of themselves that can be healthy in mind and spirit.


The Wednesday Whisper

Think of a time when you contributed to someone’s wellbeing. How did that feel? What did it do for you?

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