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Beware of perceptions

Without awareness, how we perceive a situation controls what we tell ourselves is the reality regardless of the truth.

For example, when you receive a message from a friend, colleague or boss, you will likely manufacture a perception of the contents that you tell yourself is real. That reality will induce a feeling that will directly affect how you respond.

Society becomes unsafe when we fail to realise that media, propaganda and other people with vested interests work very, very hard and invest huge amounts of money to control our perceptions.

It’s habitual in our society to try to control the narrative so that perceptions can be shaped.

Philosopher Michel Foucault said that discourse is created by those in power for specific reasons and is used as a form of social control. 

See how easy it is to get people to take sides on subjects for which they rely on the media for information.

If we are ever to find peace together, we must regain consciousness to truth over perception.

Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 

The DRM gives us the language, tools and frequency to laugh at the theatre of our perceptions, seeing them for the sham they are, and deepen our understanding of truth and not knowing.

The Wednesday Whisper

Can you find an opinion you hold on a subject of which you have had no direct contact with the people involved? What is it you choose to believe? Is it worthwhile to play in this place?

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