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What is rush?

I follow a FB page called Weird Memes. I don’t use FB for much and the algorithm makes me laugh as it desperately searches for people and adverts to engage me. However, Weird Memes often raises a laugh out loud moment. I love the genius and creativity of how the authors think.

The Weird Meme in the picture really landed for me this morning. It says so much about how we’ve been programmed.

And I thought about rest and the wording on the meme – ‘wasting time resting’, and how many people that think this way.

Then I thought about rushing and how much we rush from one place to another from one task to another and how we are encouraged to believe rushing equates to accomplishment.

It came to me that resting isn’t about sleeping. Resting is stopping, pausing and allowing in order to create space. In the space of mindful presence we can process our emotions and experience our true feelings, find how things land in our body and breath, refresh and heal. It is self love.

The hidden side of rushing is resistance to the gift of self love and self healing under the guise of being busy.

Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 

The DRM helps us to build the space of self love and self healing. In this space we can fill ourselves with love so that we can become generous.

The Wednesday Whisper

Are you in a rush? How will you create a space of rest?

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