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What will seem absurd?

I was getting in a lift when I had a sudden thought about a time when people smoked cigarettes anywhere and everywhere. And I remembered being in crowded lifts with people or even myself smoking. 

Then I remembered how we smoked on airplanes, at work, in shops and restaurants.

At the time it seemed perfectly normal. Now, of course we look back and it’s absurd.

So I wondered what do we do now, that we think is perfectly normal but will seem absurd in the future?

And it didn’t take much thought for it to be obvious. Giving children smartphones and allowing them on Social Media.

I look forward to a time when society recognises how unsafe, inappropriate and harmful it is to allow children into an arena, where we have no idea of the long term outcomes and the risks are greater than any child should have to deal with.

I imagine a time when we will look back and see how absurd it was to allow children on social media.


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 

The DRM offers a safe, compassionate container to take a step back and assess the choices we make and the associated risks


The Wednesday Whisper

What are you doing now that you will look back on and wish you hadn’t?


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