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Last week Paula Vennells gave her evidence at the Post Office Inquiry. What she said, how she said it is symbolic of how domination culture hierarchy works.

How many more of these inquiries do we need to go through to understand that, in this space, the inner sanctum will take whatever steps it deems necessary to protect itself at any cost. There is no honesty because everyone who plays in that field can be turned on at any moment by the ‘powers that be’.  It is the re-enactment of childhood playground bullying in adult bodies with much bigger toys to throw out of the pram.

Here’s what’s wrong with what Paula Vennells did as CEO…at the first sign of problems with multiple front line workers (Postmasters) it was her duty to go out around the country and meet them human to human and really listen.

Of course, listen to advice from experts, of course listen to your department heads but not without also meeting the people on the ground, holding their hands, looking them in the eye, deeply listening and understanding their concerns. In the face of so much love, had there been any wrongdoing, it would have shown itself.

To do this requires well developed powers of intuition, channelling of spirit and a love of people. These are not skills promoted in domination culture systems. And, yes I risk ridicule for talking of channelling spirit but when you look at how much unnecessary human suffering has been visited on innocent people by our analytic, logical, ‘professional’ punitive systems, it must be time to try something else?


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 

The DRM develops our ability to listen, understand and share space as a way of determining how we want to be together as humans in pursuit of a goal. At the same time we learn how to hold rigorous boundaries with compassion while determining the non-negotiables of any situation, in such a way as to bring enlightenment to what is possible between us in this moment and moving forward.


The Wednesday Whisper

When have you been overlooked, dismissed, minimised or even blamed for being the problem? Did you ever do that to someone?

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