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What we teach children


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 


The Wednesday Whisper


What they learn

How we engage children, and what we want them to understand about the world is one of the closest subjects to my heart. Often exasperated by the mainstream education system, I have accepted defeat. This so-called education system is an out of control enforcement agency which only favours those who obey. Harsh words? I have over 20 years of harsh experiences of consulting in schools to match. Don’t get me wrong, on the front line, there are beautiful, dedicated people doing their best with the tools they have been given. My claim is that the tools are not fit for purpose. I want every teacher to walk into a building where they can stand in front of 30 of their biggest fans every day. I know it’s possible.

My main worry is how we treat children and what they learn from it. The biggest lesson children learn in the mainstream education system is that if you are bigger than someone and you believe you have ‘right’ on your side, then you can use force to inflict pain to get the result you are looking for.  Instead of serving our children to become well thought out, compassionate and collaborative decision makers using tools that will last them a lifetime, we treat them as if they are on probation and can only be accepted if they ‘pass’ as humans. Those who can navigate such a system successfully go out into workplaces and repeat the power imbalances, and those who are ‘unsuccessful’ live with labels, judgements and a stockpile of shame.


Maria’s Mindfulness Moment

This comes at a time when we are considering the education path for my granddaughter and the role I can play in nurturing her inner compass.


The Wednesday Whisper

I have worked in some wonderful schools that want to embrace this other way. If anyone out there is interested in a different way. Please get in touch.


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We’re supporting ex-prisoners to prevent re-offending.

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